programming projects

  1. Tripoke Example experimental control software for a rodent behavioral task.  Involves 2-way interaction between a computer (Windows or Linux) and an Arduino Mega microcontroller. Requires MATLAB (2012 or later). The Arduino board monitors IR sensors and controls lights, sounds (via a second Arduino), and other outputs according to user-determined settings in the MATLAB GUI. The Arduino is additionally programmed to relay event information to a data acquisition board for synchronization with physiological recordings.
    1. Manual (TripokeManual_v1p1 — for humans, coded in English)
    2. MATLAB GUI  (TripokeControl_2p2TripokeControl_2p2 — human interface)
    3. MATLAB arduino object (schema_arduino — arduino interface)
    4. Arduino mega (sketch_schema_v2p2 — hardware interface)
    5. Arduino Uno (sketch_SchemaAudioVol_157kHzbuzz— audio control)