Vision Science

Vision Science

(Lectures are for instructional purposes only.  They contain unlicensed images as well as images from cited journal articles under my understanding of fair use.  If any specific images are felt to cross licensing boundaries they will be removed from the posted files.)


Lecture 1: Top-down (introduction, historic overview, nervous system organization)

Lecture 2: Bottom-up (light, photoreceptors, computation in the retina)

Lecture 3: Frequencies and Transformations (V1 organization and computation; roles of cortical inibition)

Lecture 4: “What?” (object representations, grouping, meaning)

Lecture 5: “Where?” (space & coordinate transformations)

Lecture 6: Learning & Plasticity (development, perceptual learning, visual episode memory)

Lecture 7: Attention (guest lecture)

Lecture 8: Awareness (philosophical, mathematical, and physiological treatments of consciousness)

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